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Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Graffiti Removal

Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting


Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Tray and Trailer Restoration

Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Engineering & Mining Equipment

Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Pool Restoration

Beyond Blast

Wood Restoration

We are mobile we can come to you!

Our blasting unit is completely mobile, so you can come to us or let us come to you!

What is Dustless Blasting?

The future of surface preparation,

Dustless blasting is an environmentally friendly paint stripping, cleaning and surface preparation system combining water and fine abrasive to clean, prepare and restore a variety of surfaces.

We can remove almost any coating from multiple substrates and as we are completely mobile and eco friendly so blasting can be carried out onsite without interruption to business operation or site shutdown.

Our system is fully adjustable to be tough on hard stubborn coatings and delicate on softer surfaces, the blasting is completed using a mixture of water and media so the item being blasted is kept cool with no warping. We also combine this process with a rust inhibitor to stop flash rusting allowing the customer up to 72 hours to apply their preferred coating.

mobile dustless blasting service


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Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Soda Blasting

Baking soda is an alkaline chemical, the particles are so small that they get into the pores of the metal. Soda blasting often leaves a protective film on metal surfaces to prevent flash rusting , this can have a negative impact with epoxy primer adhesion often resulting in delamination.

Beyond Blast Eco friendly blasting

Sand Blasting

Along with the inability to blast mobile or in an open environment, sandblasting creates dangerous silica dust and often generates heat. If not performed by a highly skilled technician will result in panel warping, imagine finally finding the time and money to restore your pride and joy only to have sandblasting warp all those perfectly straight body panels