Automotive Dustless Sandblasting

When automotive become old, their paint wears off giving it an awkward look.  The rusts, scratches stain etc, all add to the old automotive look.  To bring the automotive back to its original life, a bit of technical work is required.  In the process, we have to remove the paint to give it a new look along with rust and stains.  Conventional ways may lack certain features to give the best outcome.

With Beyond Blast’s scientifically proven automotive dustless sandblasting, the old coating, adhesives, rusts and other stains are removed while preparing it for the process of restoration.  Our dustless blasters are a combination of abrasive and water on correct combinations.  This is what makes it effective to strip and clean the automotive surfaces.

No Dust Due to Water Encapsulation – Engineered to Perfection
Dustless Sandblasting is becoming more and more common due to its sound engineered process.  When performing dustless sandblasting, the abrasive container has a mixture of abrasive and water encapsulating it.  Any coating that is to become airborne is immediately suppressed by the water.  As a result, the coating falls in the near surrounding place where the process is performed.

Can Be Performed Anywhere
At Beyond Blast, we come to your place.  As we have the best technical personnel involved in automotive sandblasting, place of performing the process will never be an issue.  We do blasting serves at any place with no inconvenience or nuisance to the surroundings.  There are no costs of cleaning involved post procedure of the automotive dustless sandblasting process.

Safe Method to Rely On
You can watch the process of dustless sandblasting.  It is safe and produces no toxic materials unlike conventional methods where a blast suit is required and people are advised to stay indoors or at a distance.

Designed for Effectiveness
The perfect combination of water and abrasive makes it more efficient in the coating removal process.  This engineering mixture contains more water and is less abrasive.  This force of water and abrasive creates a perfect combination for removal of the coating from the original surface.  As a result, time along with resources are saved.

Does More Than What is required
Dustless Sandblasting is a process that not only removes the coating but also cleans the surface.  All the old rust and any strong adhesive is totally removed so that your automotive is prepared for the best for an after procedures process.  The coating stripped automotive is ready for painting within three days of its stripping to achieve excellent results. 

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