Brick and Concrete Blasting

Beyond Blast is a company specializing in brick and concrete sandblasting services apart from other related services.  Brick and concrete sandblasting is a process where paint and other adhesives are removed from brick masonry.  The process is straightforward but at the same time technical expertise is required.  Our company has established itself with over a decade of experience in the industry.  We perform the original restoration services for all kinds of surfaces.  We have engineered ourselves to give the best results in the industry.  We always keep a watch on the depth of the surface that needs to be sandblasted.  Any excessive blasting can damage the cosmetic structure of the brick or concrete wall.

We Provide Quality Services

Our dustless blasting machines are made for the best results. Our personnel do not spend hours of your time.  But at the same time we took a look into the safety aspects.  We also consider your time as an important aspect.  At Beyond Blast, when it comes to brick and concrete blasting, the pricing is also budgetary.  We do not overprice our clients and at the same time we provide quality services.

We Work on Safety

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to sandblasting.  Sometimes people may use soda blasting, but generally it is better to use dustless sandblasting when it comes to brick and concrete blasting.  Soda blasting is a bit slow when compared to other types of blasting processes.  It may cause dust nuisance which may not be good to the operating personnel and bystanders.  This type of process is also a bit expensive.  A lot of technical safety aspects are involved while using soda blasting.  It may kill plants and grass when released into atmosphere or coming in contact with them.  This highly complex system is generally not recommended.  Our sandblasting is biologically friendly and no harm is involved while going through the process.  It is really simple and you can testify yourself when you see it with your eyes.

Uniformity in Blasting

When we take up the process, we do not concentrate more only on the aggregated areas we take up as a whole.  There may be small aggregates here and there adhered to the original brick or concrete, so uniformity is required during the blasting process to give a clean uniform appearance.

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