Concrete Driveway Paint Removal and Restoration

A clean driveway is a pleasant place to walk. Sometimes the pavements may be covered from stains from previous designs, paintings, sticky substances and spillovers. This may be attached hard to the surface of the driveway.  Here at Beyond Blast, we provide the best concrete driveway restoring services.  We bring back the driveway to its originality.  We take utmost care that the driveway itself does not wear off, extra care is also taken to maintain the texture of the driveway.  With non-experienced operating personnel, the texture may tear the driveway giving it irregular shape and appearance at a microscopic level.

Studying the Conventional methods

General conventional methods of concrete driveway paint removal include cleaning of the surface and then making it dry.  Then a paint stripper is applied and the surface is scrubbed.  Then a power wash is performed.  This process is repeated until a clear surface is obtained.

Concrete driveway paint removal and restore is simple. At Beyond Blast, there are many tools to remove driveway paint.  Dustless sandblasting machine is one such machine that removes all the hard adhesives attached to the driveway stone or marbles.  The water and abrasive material removes all the paint from the hard surface.  At Beyond Blast, we perform everything silently.  Our concrete driveway paint removal machine is eco-friendly and we do not disturb the community or the neighbours.  Our mobile machine goes into every corner of the concrete giving it a finishing touch.

The final restoration is as new as when it was formed.  Extra care is taken to avoid wear and tears and irregular surfaces.  Why hesitate just give us a call and we will give you more information regarding the same.

Beyond Blast Has Technically Sound Personnel

You can rely upon Beyond Blast trained personnel involved in this operation. While performing concrete driveway paint removal, it is extremely important that the personnel operating the machine are fully aware of what distance that needs to be maintained and how it should be operated upon.  This technical knowledge leads to the standard operation procedure of the machine giving it an original realistic finish.  There should be a lot of patience while operating the machinery and this is what our personnel at Beyond Blast are known for.  Any irregular way of sand blasting can cause damage beyond recognition no matter how good your machinery is.  Our personnel make sure that all the dirt aggregated, paint, graffiti or any other material is removed.  At Beyond Blast, we produce excellent results with client satisfaction. 

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