Paint Removal

Of all the coatings, paint removal is one of the most common services everyone needs.  Be it a car, a wagon, an automobile or any other metal surface.  We restore the metal to its originality.  Even the products used in removal of the paint are important.  In sandblasting for paint removal, we use eco-friendly products.  The ingredients used in dust sandblasting are abrasives like glass, silica, coal etc, with water.  Beyond Blasting uses products that are environmentally safe and also ecofriendly.

Precautions to be Taken

There are certain things that need to be considered before paint removal.  While stripping the paint it is important that only paint is removed and no other part is damaged to the original surface while performing the procedure.  Sometimes irregular and naive procedures can result in wear and tear of the materials.

Protecting the Original Surface

At Beyond Blast, we take into consideration, there is no damage to the original surface. Our scientifically advanced equipment material with a perfect combination of abrasive and water makes it sure that there is no heat transferred to the surface metal.  This results in preservation of the actual metal and gives longevity to the equipment.  Finally, we avoid the wear and tear to the original metal surface.  For paint removal, dustless sandblasting is the most used and common method.  This leaves no scope for warping because it is a scientifically proven method.  As there is no friction or damage involved, there is no damage involved.

Considering the Best

There are many types of sandblasting processes like dustless sandblasting, plastic abrasive media, glass bead sandblasting etc.  We take into account what is required for that particular metal.  For example, glass bead blasting gives a finish touch to the metal.  This method is also environmentally safe.  But this type of blasting is better for thin metals.  If there is a tough material with aggregate adhered, then it may take longer than enough. Glass bead blasting gives uniformity to the metal and gives no irregular surfaces.  There are also other types of blasting such as plastic abrasive blasting which has certain advantages based on the surface it sconces in contact with.  Best results are achieved with this type of sandblasting media.  With a flawless cosmetic outline, now the metal is fresh for painting.  It can be used on metals like cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel.  Pricing is also an important factor when it comes to paint removal.  Prices involve the amount of metal that needs to be blasted.  But at Beyond Blasting we make sure everything is budgetary and economical without compromising on the quality and time factor.

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